Making the Inc. 500|5000 once is a great achievement, but the number of companies that make it two, three or more years is fairly small. This caused the leaders at Inc. to wonder, “what are the factors for sustainable growth?” and “what is unique about companies that are able to exceed themselves year after year?”

From these simple questions came the Inc. CEO Project.

The CEO Project has been working in the area of CEO effectiveness and company growth for over a dozen years and a marriage with the premier community of fast growth companies, Inc. 500|5000 just made sense. The Inc. CEO Project does extensive research through hundreds of CEO interviews per year to determine what the great companies are doing differently, what makes them special. Some of this information is available on the website and in published articles. But the real impact comes out in CEO Peer Groups.

These CEO Peer Groups deliver distilled learning about the behaviors and decisions of the best CEOs. The groups are facilitated by exceptional leaders that have all grown businesses and understand what is required to maintain and sustain great results. Membership is reserved for the best, so most CEOs do not qualify for this rigorous process. But the ones that do, the Learners, get exceptional results.

As a Project Member, you'll experience five key transformations in your continual expedition to improve your company and your abilities as a leader, innovator and profit maker.

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