“As a result of my participation in the Inc. CEO Project, I think completely differently about my business than I did six months ago. It has improved my results materially.”

Ken Bloom,

Inttra, Inc. 

“It’s the incubator for new thinking for your company.”

Jim Haudan,

CEO, Root Learning, Inc. 

“I’ve had both public and private boards in over thirty years of doing business.
My Inc. CEO board is the best board I’ve ever had.”

Wayne Hellman,

Advanced Lighting Technologies 

Expect Breakthroughs & Real Change


Inc. CEO Project members experience true breakthroughs in their businesses. Here are several examples of how our members have used their Peer Groups and Advisors to succeed:


  • Growth had slowed
    A member CEO of a pharmaceutical marketing business founded the business on providing meeting management and expanded into marketing strategy work, which was more profitable. As his clients’ procurement processes changed, his company’s profits in meeting management were squeezed. The CEO brought the issue to his Peer Group and they showed him how to shift the company entirely to strategy work and exit the meeting management business without creating hard feelings among his customers. He did this and his company is now growing and profitable.


  • Retaining management team
    A member CEO ran a capital equipment business in Chicago that relied heavily on retaining the right management team. As it was a relatively small business, the CEO feared that the loss of key personnel would be catastrophic. Using the Decision Blueprint
    TM, he brought this issue to his Advisor and Peer Group. They helped him see how to structure short- and long-term compensation to incentivize and retain his key personnel. The CEO was able to retain all of them until he ultimately sold the business.


  • CEO needed to change his focus
    A member CEO from Houston ran a $100 million manufacturing business. He was an exceptional engineer and sales person who was involved in every one of his company’s sales and engineering projects. The CEO’s Peer Group and Advisor helped him see how to allow his talented team to take more on: which reduced his hours and improved the company’s results. If the CEO had not changed his behavior as a leader, his business would have stopped growing.


  • Systems upgrade needed for continued growth
    A member CEO ran a food trading business in Texas and had grown the business very aggressively. The processes on which he founded the business began to crack under the strain of growth, as they were solely dependent on employees doing the right thing every time. His Peer Group advised the CEO that he needed to deploy much more robust systems and processes, or risk destroying the business. He made the difficult decision to pause the company’s growth in order to implement a software system that ensured the business rules were being followed. This allowed the business to operate efficiently and continue its powerful and profitable growth track.


  • CEO sought a high-value liquidity event that would allow him to maintain control
    A member CEO runs a large materials distribution business for the oil and gas industry. He needed to sell a portion of his company to bring in fresh capital and continue the growth. As the CEO considered his options, he brought his strategy to his Peer Group and they offered lessons from prior transactions they had done. As a result of the insights he gained from his group, he was able to structure an excellent deal, while getting a strong valuation on his business and maintaining operational control.


We enable CEOs to change and achieve results – and they do.




Relentless Focus on Accountability and Results


The biggest difference between Inc. CEO Project and other peer coaching organizations is our constant focus on accountability and results. Every insight, every meeting, every tool, every shared idea increases your ability to become a more effective leader and take your business to the next level.


Our member companies are fast growing, profitable and recognized as high performers. Our CEOs achieve these results:


  • Improved leadership
  • Increased company value
  • Stronger business models
  • Robust, repeatable systems for growth
  • Strong management teams


This is what you can expect from membership in the Inc. CEO Project.







Your Personal Advisory Board


Inc. CEO Project members aren’t lonely at the top. Our Peer Groups are a safe place to try out new thinking and learn. They’re a place where you don’t need to have the right answer and be the authority.


Think of your Peer Group as your own personal advisory board made up of smart, ambitious peers who can help you make important, game-changing decisions. You don’t have to recruit, compensate or manage this board, yet you can count on them to provide honest and sound advice quarterly. They’re supportive critics who understand where you need to go, what you need to do to get there -- and hold you accountable for results. They tend to become great friends as well. This is why our members renew year after year.


Not many CEOs have this incredible resource. Our CEOs consider it the biggest return on their investment in the Inc. CEO Project.


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